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About Us



The collaborative research is aimed at promoting the appropriate technological transfer for each region as well as facilitating the advanced research work towards “New Energy Initiatives”, through forming research based networks; Network of Excellences (NOEs), in common fields, such as Solar-energy, Bio-energy and Biofuels, Clean Coal Technology, Energy and Environment Policy Planning, Secondary Energy, Energy Efficiency and Rural Energy Systems.


The capacity enhancement is aimed at developing the human resources in special charge of “Sustainable Energy and Environment” in Asia-Pacific Region, who have the spirit of our common understanding and who will bring information to the attention of relevant policy makers and other science and academic networks, at national as well as international levels. Ultimately, the goal is to provide government agencies and policy makers with the information required to make sound decisions on the global climate and energy security issues. For this purpose, New Energy Consortium for Sustainable Environment (NECSE) has been establishing based on MOU between Kyoto University and ASEAN University Network (AUN).


The network strengthening is aimed at promoting cooperation, collaboration, and exchange of information, knowledge, best practices and lessons learned on the implementation of the New Energy Initiatives to Asia-Pacific Region. SEE Forum promotes the networking based on national level (National SEE Forum) as well as research fields (NOEs).


Regular SEE Forum meetings are organized twice a year, in order to share the information on the status of National SEE Forum activities (Research & Education). NOE roundtable meeting is also regularly organized to discuss the research cooperation among SEE Forum members.


SEE Forum has led to the birth of a new journal, to be named “Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment: JSEE”